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Bangalore may have lingo that can be found nowhere else. Contributions from teachers and lecturers throughout Bangalore’s schools and engineering colleges make up a large part of it.

Please enjaii:

1. Overheard at Sir MVIT 1st Sem Chemistry –

Dr. GMK – “Eyy, why you are looking at the monkey when I yam here?”

                 – “Open the window and let the air-force in”

                 – “Why you are sitting about the backside?”

                In the lab – ” Aal af you, pick up a round baatum flask of any shape”

                                    – “Please stand in a straight semi-circle”

2. Valley School – Sports Field –

Krishna Saar – “Ehh, both of you three! I will cut it the pants and make it the sharts!”

3. 4rth Sem BE, Mech @Sir MVIT –

Me – “Rajesh, how do you spell Phenyle?”

Rajesh – “Fee-yee-yen-why-yel-ee!”


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