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I finally got around to drawing a simple cartoon that illustrates the steps involved in the fine art of making a brassiere (Yes, Victoria..I’m letting the secret bra’s for everyone) out of a Handkerchief.

The Sri Ram Sene will try to buy the patent from me, so their goons can forcibly clothe loose women (If a woman is loose, then the only solution is growing a bigger penis to fit the sleeve of the wizard). Bonus points if you got the Borat reference. You can also use it to readily clothe a Hindi movie heroine who has just been raped and is looking for a suitable way to regain her modesty. Tamizh movie heroines usually wear the 9-yard davani, so plenty of material to go around there. Pun intended.

Hanky Panky Bra

Hanky Panky Bra


I thereby propose a new campaign! The Hanky Panky Bra Campaign. Hanky Panky Bra Campaign will be the next big thing in charity events, dwarfing even Breast Cancer!! How can anything ever eclipse the breast, you ask? Ever been mooned? A well executed moon can eclipse breasts very well. The breasts still win in the fondling category though. Whatever happened to good old fashioned AIDS Charitable events? Terminal sexual diseases not important enough anymore? Have AIDS charities been run into the ground by the US and European media and now passed over as a 3rd-world problem? Designer drugs that can keep Magic Johnson alive for 15+ years are now getting cheaper? Is it now a hand-me-down event?

Why is Breast Cancer more important than AIDS ? Yes, ‘cos I, as a man, love boobies, and this world would be one giant carrom board if all women lost their boobies to Cancer. Nin Akkan Carrom Board! This is my most misogynistic post ever.

I’m sick and tired of running relays, cooking Chili, donating old clothes and playing volleyball for Breast Cancer. What about Prostrate Cancer? Can you imagine everyone at work taking a day off to run relays to raise money so men can hang on to their balls? Yeah sure, I see that happening soon. Let’s start with testicular massage marathons. That should be a fun event at work for sure. “5 dollah, sucky, fucky!! All proceed go to Testiculah Cancer Chalitee!!


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