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December 2000. It was the first day of our first semester exams. It was the dreaded Math 1. Since, DJ, Febi and I had all-nighted the night before and were in no mood to take the college bus. So, I borrowed my mom’s car and decided we would pick up Pavan(Bablu) at Gangenahalli on our way to college.

I had my driver drive us, as all of us wanted to spend every spare minute cramming mindless formulae. Somewhere in the proximity of Yelahanka, I was trying to calm myself down uttering random nonsense. “Sandapupu, Sandapupu….”.

Pavan – “What is that?”

Me – “What is what?”

Pavan – “Sanda..whatever”

I look over at Febi and DJ. The time is ripe, we simultaneously decide.

Febi – ” You don’t know Sandapupu?”

Pavan – “No?”. Pavan was always afraid his musical choices were never kewl enough for our approval.

“What , who is Sandapupu?”

DJ as facetiously as possible – “Dude!! You havent heard Sandapupu? Sandapupu Play!..????”

Pavan – “…………?”

Febi – “WHAT?? Sandapupu Play man!! STFU!! haven’t heard Play?? He’s like the best in the business!! The new album is the most earth-shattering, shaata-trimming, tear-jerking, heart-moving, dikchik pumping thing you will ever hear!!”

Pavan – “Where can I get the album?”

Me – “Ahh, nin akkan pongal! That’s where the trick is – The album is one of those underground releases because of a R rating and explicit rating. So, Musicworld doesn’t it stock it openly.”

Pavan getting increasingly agitated at his apparent lack of all things mujikally fit..mujikally fit..mujikally mujikally mujikally fit.

“So where can I get it man??? Tell me daa!!”

Me -” When you enter MusicWorld, go down about 3-4 aisles to where they display the Heavy Metal stuff like Metallica, Panthera n all. On the right, when no one’s looking, quickly bend down, pull the drawer open and you’ll see it, I hope..if it hasn’t sold out already, cos Sandapupu is the fuckin shit dude!!”

By that time, we got to college. All of us poured out and went to the Engineering Department looking for our assigned seat numbers and classrooms. Febi and DJ were always in a  different class-room, so I never had the fortune of being able to “exam” with them.

But anyways, after that day, all of us forgot about the Sandapupu bait.

About 2 months later, pavan returns from an All-India yatra that he did with his mom. He calls us up when he got back and we went out for Kaati Rolls.

Pavan gets off his bike – ” You fucking bastards!! ”

Febi – “WTF?? ”

Pavan – “Bitch!! I didnt have time to go to the Musicworld in bangalore before I left, so i went to the one in Delhi. And I couldnt find it!! So I asked the store attendant to help me out by running a search on the inventory and he looked at me real funny when I said Sandapupu. And then I started convincing him..and fuckers…!!”

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha….rolling on the floor…stomach sides hurt….cant breathe…..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.



  1. Hahahahahahaha!
    That is a classic dude! A highlight that lasted us four years of college. And now Five years after!!
    M1 on the other hand is all forgotten.

  2. i think we shud hold a 10 year anniversary thing… nw that music world has almost closed.. we can ask bubs to search in planet m, temptations and others.. who knows.. 😀

  3. hahaha. He should be glad I’m not going to be able to make it for the wedding. I would probably only aggravate him with all the stories.

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