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I was having my weekly conversation with a lil birdie who works on contract for an office furniture company near Dallas. It is incidentally, owned by my previous employers. Now, most desis that have been around in the States for a while, know that Texas could be considered a little redneck. Texas brings to mind – Boots, Large Hats, Large egos, and Gay that order.

So, the lil birdie is rambling on and on about how his white supervisors are cracking the whip on other white and black employees who until now, refused to work weekends. The new rule here: work weekends or dont work at all.

Nice. I like it. I’m sure millions of desis who drag their brown asses out of bed every Saturday morning for work or school are cheering and going “Whup Whup!”.

Back to the story. Sorry, I digress..A LOT! My other buddy P, is now pretty high up in the Operations circle, was recently made Lean Lead there. Pretty good for a 27 yr old, considering average age of management at that level is 50+. I asked lil birdie how he knew. Very matter of factly – “I saw him wearing a White Shirt with “company” logo. That got me confused a bit. Then he went on to explain that, at “V”, only the leadership team gets to wear White shirts (Doodh ki safedi, Nirmaaa se Aaayi!) with embroidered company logos. Everyone else beneath them, wears regular “color dress”. So, if you ever see a guy/gal in colors, when previously seen wearing white, you know they’ve been demoted. Visual reality and humility check.

Now considering the racist struggles at America over the generations, when whites reigned supreme, blacks had to fight for their freedom, and now it is the turn of latino, asians and other minorities to slowly be taken can see the kind of image “S” is sending out..

“If you’re White, you in power; if colored, get in line at the back of the bus”.

Pretty shockingly racist! I hope HR at V/S is reading this.


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